October event for Campus Ministry

My, my, my September went fast. Here we are the weather is starting to move colder and the leaves are beginning to change to their fantastic colors. If you have the chance visit Hoffman Hills to view the hillside and all the leaves. We have many opportunities to socialize and make connections this month. Some of the events are the following:

  • Bowling on October 2nd at 11:30 in the Stout Ale House.
  • Congregational Dinner on October 9th at Eleanor Larson’s Home at 5 pm.
  • A Speaker on Resumes near the Birch Room in the Student Center on the Stout Campus on October 11th.
  • The Monthly Movie night is on October 20th at 7 pm in the Youth Area of St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church.
  • Bible Study on October 25th near the Birch Room in the Student Center on Stout Campus.
If you have any questions please call or email us at campus-ministry@spwels.org.